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we are in the kitchen creating real food

we strive to provide the highest quality, cleanest food and drinks to our customers.

we believe food is medicine and preserve the natural enzymes and nutrients of every single ingredient we use to help support the immune system.

all ingredients are organic, greenhouse grown or non GMO • every menu item is gluten + soy free • our dressings are house-made • our almond milk is house-made daily with unpasteurized almonds + 9.5 ph alkaline water • all smoothies, soups + stews are house-made daily, gluten + soy free • we use locally sourced + pasture-raised chicken

802 -497-0510 (please note we do not accept orders over the phone, for advanced orders please order online above)

150 dorset street
south burlington

9 am-8pm

9 am-7pm





any of the following items can be added to chopped salads or quinoa + rice bowls

black river VT bacon
hard-boiled egg
 local free range chicken
quinoa protein ball (quinoa, egg, feta cheese, spinach) recommended for apollo & caesar salads

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drinks & vegan raw treats

organic Brio coffee + tea lattes

organic Rishi tea + house made immunity shots

raw vegan treats